Friday, July 28, 2006

Now that summer is almost to a close (tear), here are my predictions for Fall:

Babydoll dresses are the new miniskirts
Fishnets are the new leggings
Eyelet is the new lace
Russia is the new Brazil
Mahogany is the new white

And everyone should pay attention to the former French queen – Ms. Marie Antoinette – the Fall 2006 fashion icon – you can’t take it with you, so you may as well live it up right now. Anyone for cake?


Leila said...

Tala you've been saying Russia is the new Brazil for the past year and it hasn't happened so LET IT GO. i mean who would rather go to moscow than rio?

sorry i have neglected being your #1 blog stalker but such is my vagabond lifestyle these days. i encourage your phantom readers to step it up.

Tala said...

Leila, I'm not the only one. Please read below:

"A few years ago New York was all about Brazilian models, Brazilian music, Brazilian thong bikinis, and everyone was drinking caipirinhas. But everybody's always looking for the next new thing, and maybe the next new thing is Russia." - Natalia Zimmer, a senior men's wear designer at Marc Jacobs who moved to the US from Ukraine in 1997

"New Yorkers love Russians because they're just like us. They have so much energy and thirst and the desire to make things happen." - Diane von Furstenberg, a fashion designer whose father was born in Russia.

поцелуй поцелуя, Tala

Leila said...

i know, i think i read that article last year (NY Times style section fall 2005?) but I maintain my position: if you were given a free ticket to go to moscow or rio, which would you choose? i'll see you in rio.

Tala said...

actually, leila, looking at the opportunity costs, i would take that free flight to moscow because a) it is more expensive to fly there than to rio and b) im more likely to go to rio on my own than to moscow, given that i have family in brasilia. so sign me up for that free flight. but before that, see you in nyc this weekend =)

Anonymous said...

Tala speaking Russian -- HOT!!!