Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This girl is crazy. And just for interested people to know: I might have a blog and a myspace, but I have a real, live social network too. BTW, the writer did not mention a small world, which is probably the most exclusive online network. It is filled with princes, socialites and models. I’m still awaiting my invitation!


annapac said...

you dont have a real life outside the comp, dont lie.

Leila said...

i read this and i thought of you. and then i was going to send it to you but then i thought, as the founder, creator, and CEO of, you're probably one step ahead of me and had already read it.

Tala said...


are you any relation to tupac? and yes, I do have a life - filled with new york weekends, snobby yale students, and an eye-opening human rights internship. come visit and you shall see!


ps. thanks, leila, for the continuous support. if i ever make it (a la styles) i promise i will always link you.