Friday, July 07, 2006

He’s baaaaaaaaaack! And not just back, but SexyBack! Tanks be to God. I was scared for a second that Mr. JT would never come out with another album as long as he was still with Cameron. I mean, he became a little heartbroken over Britney and it produced the best songs ever (now look at B – serves her right for cheating – karma, my friend). Seriously, Justified changed my life. As it did Nasim’s and Shamim’s. Others, too, but I know they are in hiding. Anyways, I don’t buy cds and haven’t bought any since ’99, but perhaps this time I’ll make a purchase. I’m already in love with the new single. Of couse, if someone is willing to burn/download it for me, I will be greatly indebted. I still remember my dear residents in DeNeve who burned all the hottest cds for me. And in return, I was the best RA ever (aka no one ever got into trouble) !!!! Tit for tat :D

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