Monday, September 10, 2007

It is time to leave for London, where I will be living for the next couple of months. Please excuse the break, as I will be too busy navigating the Tube and stalking Prince William to blog.

A special goodbye to the random locations which entertained me all summer long: Hollywood Bowl, Troubadour, El Rey, Echoplex, Zen Zoo Tea, Le Petit Four, Bella, Katana, Tangier, Zip Fusion, 9454 Wilshire, Les Deux, Social Hollywood, Boulevard 3, and a myriad number of house parties, restaurants, lounges, pools, and places in the greater LoScandeles area.

I leave you all with these appropriate lyrics from Collective Soul:
“Oh summer
It never leaves your face
You’ve got the sunshine bright-eyed California cotton candy taste
Yeah Hollywood
You know I love you more than one should”