Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last year I dressed up as Nina Sayers in Black Swan for Halloween, along with thousands of others!  This year I hope my Halloween costume is a bit more unique, although it is inspired by another popular film ... I have already gotten plenty of treats this week, but will be seeking more tomorrow :)  Enjoy the festivities, everyone!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last week, as part of Los Angeles Fashion Week, I had the opportunity to attend the Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion 2012 Runway Show on Wednesday night at the Vibiana hosted by Catt Sadler.  Maybe it was the grandiose atmosphere of the venue, but I felt as if four years ago, when I first attended this event in 2008, it was more intimate, the designers were willing to take risks, and there was a creative energy in the room.  This year, it seemed like there was a disconnect with the fashion.  Even the models, already very tall, were more out of reach than usual with their five-inch Jeffrey Campbell-esque platform heels.  Nevertheless, I wish all the designers who presented the best of luck: Crybaby Presents, Shaina Mote, OmniPeace and Korovilas.  A couple of photos below, from my (very distant) view!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Solange might have legs that go for days and is the sister to one of the world's greatest singers, but I can certainly rival her style skills ;)

Monday, October 08, 2012

Am I the only one who loves the Chanel hula hoop bag?  Chanel has created everything: a guitar case, paper flowers and headpieces, a surfboard, and even a compact all-in-one set.  It is only natural that Karl would bestow upon us a glorified towel rack-slash-purse-slash hula hoop.  Thanks, Karl!

"It's for the beach.  You need space for the beach towel, huh?  And then you can put it into the sand and hang things on it, and things like that." -- Karl Lagerfeld