Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The season finale of The Hills is tonight, with an apparent cliffhanger: will LC stay with J-Wahl in Malibu or go to Paris for Fashion week. Duh – she is obviously going to stay – don’t we all know that they are still together and have been photographed together at a million events in LA? Way to go, MTV, and make it so predictable. Yet, I have to admit that The Hills has been a decent summer show, with the real breakout stars being 1) the headband; 2) the Chanel purse; 3) Bolthouse Productions; and 4) Hisham Abed.

Of course, all the cool kids, aka moi, already knew about Brent B. and Sam N., and their respective companies, Bolthouse and SBE Entertainment. This summer I saw Mr. Nazarian himself at his own club, Privilege (randomly hanging out with Eve and her posse). I also saw Jen R., Bolthouse’s notoriously ugly, tough-as-nails doorgirl in front of Hyde. But, now Brent’s name has exceeded the Hollywood set and moved beyond to the Midwestern masses. And, due to Lauren’s favorite choice of hairstyle – the headband – and her Christmas present from Jason – the Chanel purse – all the suburbanite teenyboppers have been clamoring at their neighborhood mall for multi-colored plastic bands or knock-off designer purses.

My favorite star, however, is the cinematographer, Hisham Abed, whose luxurious and sparkling palette of beautiful views and iridescent landscapes has done more for Los Angeles’ aesthetic appeal than the entire tourist industry. With shimmering shades and overwhelming colors, it is simply the best looking show on tv, and makes me feel proud to be an Angeleno.


Anonymous said...

this is my most favorite entry yet... you got it right on. i can't wait till next summer and the next season. ps do you think Hisham is available?

Tala said...

The Hills cant be a show without Hisham. I want to have him do my wedding video.

And to continue the obsession:

Take the quiz:

Which Character From The Hills Are You?

Whitney - You like to be in control of what is going on around you, but do it in a quiet, professional way. You're graceful and trustworthy, but also totally sexy and fun!! You're dedicated to the job and moving your career forward, with fashion being #1 and a huge part of everything you do. You've got it goin' on beautiful!

[of course - she is the only sane one!]

Anonymous said...

awesome. To take the obsession to the next level...

For our friends who have been hiding under a rock and haven't caught one of the 27 repeats a day of the hills, here's a little sample. This is one of the best episodes (story, cinematography, and characterwise) in my opinion, with a close second being the christmas episode (gotta love the purse scene).

I particularly like the scene after he surprises her at vogue with flowers and they are sitting at the little cafe eating... the fishing boat part makes me melt, and Feist's song "secret heart" is perfect. It's halfway through the episode. enjoy!

Also, according to j. wahls myspace blog, unlike LB which he said was mostly real, with some scenes re-enacted, the hills was apparently 50-50 between real life and acting. not surprising with characters like audrina. oh well, i still love it.

rauzjoon said...

wow we have too much time on our hands...