Thursday, August 31, 2006

I flew out of New Haven last night and I am flying into Atlanta Saturday morning. If anyone wants to hang out with me for the 48 hours I am in Los Angeles, hollatchagurl (and please take a number, apparently my family really likes me). Bye-bye summer - and thanks for the memories - PEACE!


rauzjoon said...

im secretly obsessed with lindsay lohan now too... i love her hair and her many many purses.... oh to be a... party girl

ps i can't handle not talking to you either. my last one is tomorrow. i will call you promptly. xoxo

Tala said...

yes! no more marykate obsession (well, at least for now). btw, did i ever tell you that my across-the-street neighbor matt schulman thinks you look like keira knightley? random thought.

joon said...

haha, that is random. i was there when he said it - remember???