Wednesday, June 14, 2006

This week I have been all about the WORLD CUP. I’m obsessed. It is a good way to build WORLD pride – all the different countries coming together, putting aside differences and celebrating the WORLD’S favorite sport. It is an influential dissolvent of national barriers and can even lead to decrease in crime and internet use! I’m also fascinated by the little factoids, i.e. Côte d’Ivoire calling a ceasefire during their civil war for the duration of the World Cup, Portugal playing its former colony Angola, the Serbia and Montenegro team representing a country that no longer exists (it split into two countries recently), King Mohammed VI of Morocco personally making sure that all of the games are being made available on state television.

And the funniest headline I have read so far: “Reality Czech,” after the Czech Republic defeated USA. More World Cup news to come later - I have to go wash my Beckham jersey in preparation for tomorrow’s match!

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