Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some people drink coffee to stay energized throughout the day. Some people do lines. This summer, the thing that’s had me keyed up comes in a crunchy cone. Allow me to introduce you to McDonald’s soft, fresh, vanilla ice cream. It’s been around for years, but it is hands-down the best ice cream that will ever grace your lips. And I’m not getting any money to endorse this – it’s just that good. So to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, please contact me. I’ll take you out to experience the magic. But, I do warn. It is addictive. Even at 4 in the morning. XOXO.

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Leila said...

1) i can't believe i've been away from civilization and clean showers long enough to have missed FOUR entries.

2) i promise i will finish guest blog once i return to ACTUAL civilization. actually i'm inspired by your newfound world cup madness and hence might write an ode to Kaka.

3) miss yooou!