Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What’s up the sudden *star* tattoos? I’ve been drawing them on my hands and wrists ever since the day I found myself bored in a Political Science lecture, black pen in my hand. I have this slight obsession with anything related to stars – five-pointed, nine-pointed, a brilliant star, the north star, a lodestar, shooting stars, falling stars, shining stars, superstars, starlets. Apparently, so do these ladies.


Nizzle said...

ok sooooooo that's really cool...and yes you are obsessed...but question....WHERE do you find these pics? and how long does i take you? you must be REALLY beekar! (hahaha...don't you love how being skilled gets mistaken for being beekar...welcome to my world)

Leila said...

call me, fool!
p.s. i am really lagging on guestblog part 2.
p.p.s. why doesn't anyone else but me and nizzle leave you comments? what's wrong with you people??

Anonymous said...

omgosh, i love stars, too! for many reasons:
1. my name means star
2. i want to be a star :)
3. i'm obsessed with astronomy and the stars/sky.

i once had a dream where i had a tattoo with three stars...i still wanna get it! let's get star tatoos together ;)