Sunday, May 14, 2006

Courtesy of Ms. Nazanin Ho, I heard two great stories which illustrate two reasons why I heart LA [1. nature meets city = quintessential California lifestyle and 2. Tehrangeles]:

1. Nader, Nazanin’s brother, wakes up to a deer in his face! The deer was in their backyard and had come through an open door and into the house. It walked (do deers walk? - or do they trot?) into Nader’s room, waking him up. Nader screams out to Nazanin to help him. The deer apparently gets scared and starts running around their house and so they had to call the police. After the sheriff finally realized that this was not a prank call, he came over and all three of them had to maneuver the furniture to try to get the deer out. Poor Bambi finally left, after banging her face all over the walls and mirrors!

2. In one of Nazanin and Samar’s WAC classes they had been assigned a group project. Of course, a group of Persian guys didn’t do the project until 10 minutes before class started. They came into class and bs-ed about a new organization they wanted to begin which would collect clothes for people to wear at job interviews. A sefeed girl in the class, who had apparently spent much more time on her project, continued to ask a barrage of questions, regarding funding for the project, organization details, etc. One of the presenters simply said, “We are running out of time, if you want to know more about our group, just visit our website.” And on the board he wrote LOL!


negin :D said...

OH MY GOD!! okay...first of all, i was in that wac class! it made the entire class worth it! (in addition to the handed out A in an upper div) :D
secondly...OH MY GOOOODDDDD!!! a deer? how the hell did that happen? hahahahahahha...i cant stop laughing...oh my god!!! only to the ho's, only to the ho's....

Leila said...

Has anyone clicked on the link you put for WAC? What does a crayon drawing of a potato face have to do with art? Come on, WAC department, wise up!

P.S. Tala next time please be more culturally sensitive to our sefid friends and explain that "khafesho" means shut up in persian.