Friday, April 12, 2013

I am not going to Coachella this year.  And, I am ok with it.  Well, mostly :D  The times that I did have at Coachella was unbelievable, and I appreciated it all.  I was not so impressed with the line-up this year, but before I could even look up some of the bands or find a condo to rent for the weekend, the tickets were sold-out.  Such is life.  Instead, today I went to Newport Beach for a client meeting and I am planning on spending the weekend with friends and family, perhaps checking out an art show and hitting a trendy restaurant.  This outfit is perfect to transition from day to night.  I wore Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Pleated Chiffon Mini Skirt, Forever 21 Lace Button-Down Blouse, and Madden Girl "Fawwn" Taupe Patent Pumps.  The cardigan is something I have had in my closet forever.  The tag on the back of the cardigan states "hearts".  I have never heard of a brand named "hearts" and a google search came up empty.  Nevertheless, the cardigan is soft and comfortable and  I was able to make it new by bedazzling it with some sequins on the sides.  Perfect for a chic Friday both in and out of the office!


Stine Danielle said...

I found your blog via Monika's and I'm so glad I did! I enjoy reading your words. I hope to see better pictures of your outfits soon because damn cell phones can never seem to do them justice!

All the best x

RosyChicc said...

Lovely post dear! (:


howvintage said...

Ahh I'm so jealous you've actually been to Coachella! The line up this year wasn't as epic as previous years, but you're so lucky you've been. Anyway that is such an adorable outfit, you look adorable. :)