Monday, March 04, 2013

A lot of my outfits for work on based on black, either a black dress, black pants, or black skirt.  It is so easy to put together black ensembles as they always look chic and professional.  Today, however, I wanted a bit of color.  I grabbed my favorite item from the summer, a colorblock dress from H&M, and paired it with winter-items, making it more work (and season) appropriate.  The H&M Colorblock Dress features panels of red, pink and black, so it can go quite nicely with various shoes and accessories.  I wore a Urban Outfitters BDG Long Drapey Classic Cardigan, Urban Outfitters Cooperative Saville Platform Loafer, and black checkered tights I have had forever.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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Ali of Dressing Ken said...

Ha ha yes black on black is such an easy go to! This was more or less what I wore all of high school, as we didn't have a lot of money for clothes. It is nice to b/c people can't tell you are always wearing the same thing : O

Ali of