Thursday, December 20, 2012

It is almost Christmas Eve, but it has felt like the holidays have been in Los Angeles forever thanks to The Grove! I attended a party at the Madewell store hosted by Nylon magazine and Nylon's West Coast fashion editor, Jazzi McG. It was so nice to meet her, and also enjoy the ice cream treats from Coolhaus. The Grove is a great place to be during the holidays, it "snows" nightly and there are so many lights, making you really feel like you are a part of a winter wonderland. Also, a few blocks down, on Melrose, there are funky boutiques, like the one pictured below. Perfect gifts for your hipster friends ;)  Hope you all get a little something in the next week, whether it be from a "secret Santa" or a holiday card from your neighbor. 


Eboneé Shanay said...

I love the grove during the winter season! And thank you for visiting my blog :-)

Anonymous said...

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