Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today I went from the opening of Le Brunch at Bagatelle Los Angeles to a birthday party in Manhattan Beach to a Mother's Day dinner. Brunch turned into a club scene, as diners started dancing on tables and sparklers accompanied the drinks. The birthday turned into a sports tournament, as we played a couple of fierce volleyball games and even a round of beach bocce. The dinner turned into a celebration of memories and the making of new ones, as we crashed a wedding at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. It was a an eventful and fun day. And, here is a gorgeous video to top it all off!


Zachary Latif said...


EverythingPrettyGirls said...

That sounds like an amazing and perfect mother's day!! Kind of jealous - okay, VERY jealous!


FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

wow! <3

canon and something new♥mfashionfreak

Jamie McCarthy said...

Hey Tala, I posted my first replica of a Met Gala gown:


Caroline Cakewise said...

Ah Bruno Mars!! And I always love your style posts... a bit of ballet chic is always good! xx