Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Rest of the World:

Probably you have already heard it from your other friends in Los Angeles, but I wanted to make sure that I drove the point home. It has been over 80 degrees lately here. New York, Paris, Toronto, Munich, and Moscow, enjoy your highs of 20. Chicago and Montreal, good luck out there with -5 today. I hesitate to mention that I am headed to a patio at this time to barbecue. Outside, of course. Now carry on with whatever it is you do out there in the cold.

keep warm,

PS. Although having fun in the sun, we did lose a dear friend to Los Angeles today. R.I.P. Indie 103.1 – I was pretty bummed to hear the news. Joe Escalante, Jonesey, and the rest of the Indie 103.1 team, thank you for years of awesome music.
PPS. This news does not deter me from putting my Ipod on full blast and lounging out by my pool in the middle of winter. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

suck it

Natalië said...

hot hot hot where i am from.