Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shoes of the week:

Song of the week: “Bossy

Worker of the week: Leonardo DiCaprio

Article of the week: “The Tao of Mary Kate

Upgrade of the week: Strawberry Shortcake

Interview of the week: Anna Wintour with New York Magazine

Quote of the week:

“One day in the distant future, the children of our children’s children will look back upon the ‘aughts’ for retro inspiration and stumble upon the sartorial black hole that is Paris Hilton. Her egregious crimes against fashion are too numerous to list here, but in this photo of Her Tragedy, accompanied by her boyfriend Benji Madden, the offending look is very wannabe It couple: If you took a snapshot of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty from two years ago, photocopied it 27 times, covered it in Velveeta, ran it through a Hot Topic sample sale and then sold it as a cheap knock-off on Canal Street, it would look like this picture.” – Elizabeth Spiridakis

Collabo of the week: Converse / Pharrell / Santogold / Julian

Party of the week:


alex_and_ra said...

this is cute tala. i'm stealing this idea, "of the week"

and i'm adding you to my links

coco said...

I like this post idea
Very interesting

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh that quote is hilarious and so true!!