Thursday, March 22, 2007

I am a couple hours away from flying to Toronto for the weekend and just wanted to jot down a few random highlights from my time in Los Angeles last week :
  • Going from LAX to Camden House to Republic to Il Tram.
  • Watching Steve Urkel’s entourage fight outside the club (why does Steve Urkel even have an entourage?)
  • Sneaking into the Four Seasons sauna and spa at midnight.
  • Dining at Bandera, where appropriate attire is required, with not-so-appropriate attire.
  • Sana’s birthday dinner turned party turned game night turned jam session.
  • Stalking Brandon Davis and James Blunt at the Les Deux parking lot.
  • Celebrating my grandmother’s life at a memorial dinner.
  • Going to Paris Hilton’s house party.
  • Two subjects (the movie 300 and the city election ballots) dominating every conversation.
  • Having too much fun with family and friends.
A special shout-out to everyone (Alex, Arash, Arezo, Arya, Mona, Negar, Nima, Poya, Roya, Sepeedeh, Shaadi, Vargha) who came out for Sana’s birthday (especially Safa, who flew all the way from the east coast haha) and a super special shout-out to Nika, Monica, Farid, Bassim, Yalda, Samar, Rauz, Anna, Negin, Sam, Isaac – although more than half of you don’t even read this blog, I had tons of fun on our various adventures – and am looking forward to more in the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget our late night "Conference Call" at the Renaissance Hotel, where we helped ourselves to the Pastry Tray and Coffee compliments of the previous business meeting held in Squamish Room...
(partner in crime)