Saturday, February 17, 2007

One line of last week’s episode of The Hills made me soooo green with envy that I wanted to stab the television. And from the looks of it, Lauren also wanted to gauge out Emily’s eyes.

“I’m taking 18 credits at NYU two days a week, I intern two days a week at Teen Vogue… and I also work one day at Chanel.” - Emily Weiss aka “super-intern”

Who gets to work at Chanel while they are in undergrad?! If I wasn’t so annoyed by her, I would want to be her. Although, I will always support Team LC for life.

IN OTHER NEWS: what is happening with B?! She is starting to scare me.


Oeste Lado said...

Britney is so toe-up. Shes hit rock bottom and will never recover.

in other news, i rocked my memo in legal writing :)!

but i still despise law school with every fiber of my being.

Tala said...

thomas: i have the exact same feeling (but not about britney). congrats on legal writing (it will do you no good in the real world). haha xoxo.

Kristine said...

Good post.